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Our primary goal for your audio recordings is preservation.  Hopefully it will  be your main focus as well!  Note that different vintage audio recording media possess different longevity characteristics.  Specifically, grooved records will last a long time if properly stored and cared for, as long as they are not overplayed.  On the other hand, magnetic tape may not last beyond a quarter century, although proper care and storage will definitely help.  Cassette tapes appear to be even more vulnerable to deterioration than the reel-to-reel equivalents.  For background knowledge on preservation and care of analog audio recordings, consult the following website:

How to Care for Sound Recordings

Analog to Digital Audio Transfers

If you do not have analog audio playback equipment in good condition (make sure you do not damage your discs or tapes with inferior equipment!), and you want to enjoy your recordings now, then VintageMedia can make digital copies on CD. You can play these copies over and over again without harming the original media recordings. 

Conversion Method

Your recordings are converted by a high quality computer sound card and stored on a computer in digital format (.wav file). There it can be digitally restored and enhanced to provide a pleasing result. Examples of such restoration and enhancement are:

  • removal of vinyl disc clicks and pops

  • removal of magnetic tape hiss

  • sound equalization

  • stereo channel separation adjustment


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