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Just as fine wine improves with age, great memories become increasingly precious with time. VintageMedia specializes in helping you preserve your recorded memories, whether they are audio or visual records.

What are "vintage media"?

The 20th century brought the world's consumers recorded sights and sounds, including film for photographs and movies, audio in the form of grooved records (78, 45 and 33 rpm discs), and analog magnetic audio tape (reel-to-reel and cassette), as well as analog video tape (VHS and other cassette formats).    Experience has shown that these recording media are quite durable (some more than others) and therefore often still intact.

Preserve Your Memories of Sights and Sounds!

You cannot enjoy it if you do not preserve it!  Therefore, make preservation your primary focus and your first step.

Many of you may still have 8mm films (regular 8mm or super 8mm), audio tapes or records stashed away in basements, attics or elsewhere.  They may be your own recordings or they may be heirlooms from previous generations. Whatever you do, do not discard your original media.  In many cases they are more durable than any electronic copies that can be made from them, and they contain the original fidelity (resolution, colour depth etc.).  Therefore, provide for proper care and storage, so that both you and future generations are assured of being able to enjoy your vintage recordings.  Consult us directly at VintageMedia for appropriate advice in this area.  You may also refer to our 8mm Film and Audio pages for further information.

Do you have the facilities for playing back your vintage recordings and sharing them with family and friends?

If you want to enjoy them now or if preservation is better achieved by transferring to another medium (such as for most magnetic tape recordings), VintageMedia can transfer your 8mm film and audio recordings onto modern day media, such as CD, DVD and digital tape. You can play these copies over and over again without harming the originals.  Free trial transfers are available. We are also pleased to assist with further information and advice.

Contact us today for  high quality transfers of your vintage 8mm Films and Audio recordings!